The Showroom

White Death (2023)

Partnered with the Immersive Arts Collective, we again ran—for one night only—the profound Nordic larp White Death, created by Nina Runa Essendrop and Simon Steen Hansen.

Four-Bit Characters (2021)

We created this play aid supplement for Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu tabletop role-playing game. It features 10 characters based on real historical figures, statted out and ready to use. It is available on DriveThru RPG (at a 20% discount) here. This first volume features

Temp Cupid (2020)

Building off the idea of an unseen, unheard audience who can affect the characters and narrative, this short, fun romantic comedy puts 12 participants in the roles of a temporary seasonal hire for Cupid, the god of attraction and affection. Armed with toy bows and foam arrows,

Give Up the Ghost (2019)

The first official Spectacular Disaster Factory effort was a large expansion of One Last Thing Before You Go, increasing from 3 to 30 actors, 20 minutes to 90, and two rooms to twelve.

Rock Band Murder Mystery (2019)

Our third production for the Hollywood Fringe Festival was a remount of a larp where participants portray a rock band and their entourage, dazed and confused from hard partying while on tour,

Garbage Takes (2019)

We were invited to create a new experience as part of the Mortuary’s monthly Little Death series. Garbage Takes, cued from the theme “indoor/outdoor use only” is an exploration of interactivity and discussion,

One Last Thing Before You Go (2018)

Our sold-out show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Solo audience members “die” and become ghosts. While awaiting the ferry to take you across the River to your final resting place,

Limbo! (2018)

Limbo! is a darkly comedic larp set in a tiki bar in Hell, where the legions of demons have all gone corporate and Heaven is run by the mob. First run in 2005 and sporadically since, players take on the roles of angels, demons,

Redefining Pi (2018)

The second Delta Green larp designed and run at GenCon for 50 participants occurred at the Indiana Medical History Museum and featured bizarre, alien exhibits to explore before unnatural forces exerted their cruel machinations and their true purpose revealed.

Green Piñatas (2017)

The first playtest of a live action role playing version of the acclaimed Delta Green tabletop role-playing game at the world-renowned GenCon gaming convention broke new ground by moving the event out of the convention center to Indianapolis,

Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale (2017)

Our entry into the immersive theater world via the Hollywood Fringe Festival was a staged adaptation of the Nordic larp Fallen Stars by Martin Nielsen and Magnar Grønvik Müller.