One Last Thing
Before You Go (2018)

Our sold-out show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Solo audience members “die” and become ghosts. While awaiting the ferry to take you across the River to your final resting place, you are summoned behind a curtain to a 1930’s seancé. You are not the intended spirit they wanted, yet they cannot see or hear you. What do you do?

This production laid the foundation and goal for our subsequent works—conjuring environments that beguile participants to tell revelatory stories about themselves.


Vanek and Hageleit’s brief but intriguing twenty-odd minute solo immersive piece is a fantastic opening to what deserves to be a longer show. It’s the beginning of a strong foundation to a piece that hopefully will be expanded and remounted in the coming months…Here’s hoping this successful run inspires much more immersive content from Vanek going forward.”
- Haunting

Exploring themes of love, death and the afterlife, One Last Thing Before You Go is beautifully done.

-Media Geeks (9/10 stars)
This is a highly immersive, highly interactive short piece centering on loss and grief and the search for hope while dealing with both… The cast was incredibly effective at immediately setting the mood. The scene was nicely interactive, intense and moving. This piece is made by the intense, passionate performances of the three characters you encounter. This is outstanding work.
-My Haunt Life
FANTASTIC! This is what I hope for in immersive shows—a show where my presence is meaningful and impacts the experience. Without spoiling anything, I thought the concept was clever in design, elegant in its simplicity and beautiful in execution.
-Erin Dean (audience)