Temp Cupid (2020)

Building off our concept of unseen, unheard audiences who can affect the characters and narrative, this short, fun romantic comedy puts 12 participants in the roles of temporary seasonal hires for Cupid, the god of attraction and affection. Armed with toy bows and foam arrows, our temps are assigned a character they need to nudge toward one of The Seven Loves before time runs out.


The show is full of little touches that enhance the sense of fun and pleasure, from alcoholic drinks before and during, to Valentine’s candy, to one of the loveliest playbills in recent memory. The direction is incredibly seamless, as it is impossible to tell how much of the show, if any, is scripted. Everything feels balanced and well-tested, as the actors took each new turn with ease and confidence… Temp Cupid is innovative, wacky, adorable, and above all, a ton of fun. The hour goes by all too fast, and it’s easy to imagine revisiting it with a different play-style. Hageleit and Vanek have a Cupid streak themselves, creating something so easy to fall in love with.


This is the type of experience that works well for audience members who are new to immersive shows as it does not demand much from participants other than understanding how the arrows work on the characters…Temp Cupid is a fine show, with a lot of potential for audiences to have fun. For those who enjoy seeing their actions have an impact on actors, this experience offers immediate gratification as each arrow generates an immediate response. And for those looking for a show that’s light and entertaining and designed simply for some fun, this is that kind of show.

-Eye on Immersive